Prostate Cancer and Diet

Many patients with prostate cancer are keen to look for action that they can take to assist in the clinical effectiveness of their treatment.

Healthy Man Exercising The incidence of prostate cancer in the Western world is five times higher than in the East. It is thought that environmental factors are a feature in predisposing men to prostate cancer. One environmental factor which you can easily change is diet.

There are a great number of claims relating to certain foodstuffs and supplements, but this is not always based on true fact.

Certainly, we would always advise that a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, a good balanced diet and a positive attitude will provide a very important contribution to the welfare of all patients with cancer as well as other problems such as cardiovascular disease.

There is an association between saturated fat and trans fat (meat and dairy products) intake and development of prostate cancer. Try to eat more lean meat such as skinned poultry and cut down on red meat. Eat more fish and use low fat dairy products or substitutes (such as soya based products). Omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish (sardines, salmon and mackerel) may have an action to slow prostate cancer growth.

Anti-oxidants have been found to have a link with a decreased risk of prostate cancer. This includes lycopenes (found in red tomatoes). Cooked and processed tomato products are considerably richer sources of lycopene than fresh tomatoes. Other anti-oxidants such as selenium and vitamin E are currently the subject of a large trial. However, taking very high doses of vitamin and mineral supplements is not advised. Some other anti-oxidant foodstuffs include broccoli, green tea and pomegranate juice.

In summary, a good balanced diet. Reduce fatty foods such as meat and dairy. Include at least five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day, including a regular intake of tomatoes. Avoid processed foods and try to eat more soya based foods and oily fish. Maintain a normal weight for your height and exercise regularly.

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